2024 Joint Call

2024 Joint Call


The 2024 Joint Call is officially open for proposals that will make contributions “Towards transformation of agri-food systems for the benefit of planetary health, consumers and other stakeholders along the food value chain using data-based systems and ICT technologies”.

The call aims to address urgent global challenges in agricultural and food systems emphasizing the role of these systems in mitigating issues such as climate change, biodiversity loss and food security. To bring about the necessary transformation, the call advocates for closer involvement of policymakers and the use of digital technologies for communication and data-driven decision-making.

The call emphasizes the need for better exploitation of data resources, development of interoperable tools and maximizing data sharing for societal benefits. It also prioritizes stakeholder collaboration and the implementation of inclusive decision-making processes based on scientific knowledge.

Furthermore, the call encourages the rediscovery and promotion of proven but underutilized best management practices for more resilient and ecologically sustainable agri-food systems.

The scientific scope of the call addresses collaborative projects in 4 research topics:

  • Topic 1: Artificial intelligence (AI) Tools for Sustainable Agri-Food Systems
  • Topic 2:Post-industrial agriculture: the best knowledge, digital technologies for reviving and strengthening best practices for regenerative agriculture
  • Topic 3: Smart decision-making and reflection systems in farming
  • Topic 4: Open topic

We are pleased to share with you that in total 42 pre-registered proposals have successfully passed the initial stage and have been invited to submit full proposals. The applicants are now actively working on their submissions.

Important Deadline: Full Proposal Submission: July 08, 13:00h CEST

The webinar for applicants was held on 24th of April 2024, 10:00h CEST. You can find the slides here.

Submission Guidelines: For proposal pre-registration and submission, please carefully read the “Call Announcement” and familiarise yourself with the supporting call documents. Only online pre-registrations and applications via this submission tool will be accepted. Find all the necessary information regarding the call here.

Good luck to all the applicants!