Find and be found

A main purpose of the ICT-AGRI-FOOD website is to facilitate match making and partnering amongst people engaged in ICT and robotics in agri-food culture. Here you can find partners and be found by others.

How to be found

The first condition is being registered as a user in the website. If you are not a user yet, please register. If you have forgotten your username or password, you can reactivate the account by requesting a new password. Users on the ICT-AGRI website can reactivate their account by requesting a new password.

The second condition is to fill in your personal profile. Here you can inform others about the organisation or company you belong to. In the profile's CV you can inform about your professional expertise and interests. Take care to include words you would like to be found by, when other people are searching.

How to find partners

The match making facility offers several search tools:

  • Search users, which by default shows all users. The listing can be filtered by user name, organisation and country
  • Search user CV by keywords
  • Search organisations, which by default shows all organisations. The listing can be filtered by country and search words
  • Search mapped projects ICT-AGRI-FOOD has collected information about +500 ongoing or recent projects with relevance for ICT and robotics in agriculture. The project coordinators can be contacted for possible collabrotation
  • Search company profiles ICT-AGRI-FOOD has conducted a survey on providers of ICT to farms. You can search in profiles of companies responding to the survey
  • Public proposals lets you create a proposal which other users can join, or you can join an interesting proposals. Public proposals can be turned into an application for funding and at that time made private.

How to make contact

Users' email addresses are never exposed. Instead, contacting other users in the ICT-AGRI-FOOD website is done via a contact form. The contacted person contacted can then decide to reply by email.

You get to the contact form by clicking on the user's name.

How not to be found

If you don't want to be found in the MKB, you can disable "Show my data" in your account settings.

Get help from ICT-AGRI-FOOD consortium members

The ICT-AGRI-FOOD consortium members can help you to find partners in their countries.